Organizing Myself

Ever since I made the decision and decided to start afresh, I was everywhere, feeling lost with lots of things in my mind. There seems to be so much to be done and yet I seem to have accomplished nothing.

New challenges and obstacles seem to pop up every now and then, making me feel discouraged and upset. LL’s hearth problem, ZR’s attitude towards me, and PK’s coldness are just some of the things that caused me to think and think and think but doing nothing.

Then I found myself very disorganized, trying to achieve many things at one go, forgetting that a good planning and execution is key to success.

And so today, as I looked at my life for the past 2 months. I began to wonder do I really know what do I want in life. Am I having a clear view of my goals and working towards them?

Then I start to think that it’s time to organize myself, be it my thoughts, my routines or my life.

This is what i have crafted out for myself:

1. Write down my goals and go through them every morning

2. Spend 10 minutes every morning upon wake up on positive affirmations

3. Meditate for 20 minutes before brushing my teeth and freshening up

4. Go through the whole day’s activities and plan accordingly

5. Meditate at least for 15 minutes during the day to calm the mind

6. Doing self reflection at end of day

7. Journaling if needed

8. Different types of meditation before going to sleep each day

9. Say my prayers and send blessings to Myself

10. Sleep with peace.


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