Dear me — everything’s going to get better

Dear me,

How are you feeling these two days? You have honestly been down for quite some time, despite my constant reminders that you need to keep your head up. But I can fully understand how you have felt past few weeks. It was never easy to overcome all the challenges in such a short period of time. Besides, you have been living your life with fears all these while.

Ever since that day I decided to be more organized as well as facing the fears, I can feel that your mood has been lifted slightly. That’s a good sign, so please don’t stop. I guess the morning positive affirmations did give you a little bit of emotional boost.

My dear me, trust me, things are just going to get better as long as you are in sync with me. You have witnessed for yourself that as long as we keep a positive mindset, things aren’t that bad after all, are they?

Life is but just a journey and I am glad that you are part of my journey. And similarly, no matter who we are, what we are and where we are, be assured that I will always walk beside you.

Now, let us take stock of these two days’ events and do some self reflection, have I kept to my daily routine that I have crafted out?

Have we done the morning affirmations for 10 minutes upon opening my eyes in the morning?—Yes, though I felt drowsy.

Have I meditated for 20 minutes before freshening up?—Yes.

Have I planned my day ahead? -Yes and it was great and effective, though I was only planning for work.

Have I meditated for at least 15 minutes in the daytime?—No. These two days were crazily busy, but that’s really no excuse.

Have I gone through my goal list daily?—Well, I did briefly, rushing through. Perhaps I should slow down a bit and have more feelings about my goals.

Have I done self reflections?–I guess it’s only now.

My dear me, it looks like there is room for improvement for me but I am not going to be too hard on us. I just need you to know that I am doing my part to create a peaceful environment for you, for I really wish that you will walk out of the current situation stronger and with wisdom.



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