Is Law of Attraction (LOA) even true?

In the process of seeking spiritual growth and soul searching, it is in my opinion inevitable that one will come in touch with Law of Attraction (LOA). And like many others, the first book that gave me a deeper insight of LOA was the “Secret”.

Ever since then, I have been reading quite a fair bit on LOA and there are many Youtube videos on manifestation I have watched. And I’m still trying to figure out how much truth there is in it. Through my own experiences and of course readings, I believe I’ve witnessed LOA at work, but were they just mere coincidences?

Through LOA, I learned that we can have anything we wish for. The key to manifestation is to allow our energy to vibrate at the same level as what we want so that “like attracts like”. Then come the complicated theory of “We are energy”, that if we break down everything in this would, including our body, we are all “as one” in the universe, the one and only energy.

I have always thought that there may be an unseen force within the universe that may be controlling everything in this world. I have even thought of this world as just a game where we are just characters in the game. Whatever we do, say or think are being programmed by the master of the game. We don’t have control over our destiny.

Now, that sounds like a sore loser, ain’t I? Yet, I don’t just give up on myself or life, for the other side of me tends to think that we have the capability to change our lives. And as I read up more and more on spirituality and L0A and some Buddhism books, it became apparent that they all possess certain level of similarities. In fact, I have summarized the similarities as follows (which is non exhaustive):

1. The external world is the reflection of our internal being.

2. Be compassionate or be kind

3. Be grateful and thankful

4. We all have fears and we need to face the fears

5. Letting go or learn the art of detachment

6. We are controlled by on our own ego.

7. We are all energy

8. Love life and life will love us back

9. Affirmations / Positive thinking is the way to change our life

Of course, there are contradicting thoughts too, such as Law of Attraction and Buddhism, where launching a rocket of desires into the universe is much against the practice of Buddhism, since Buddhism talks about getting rid of all desires. The challenge then become how to blend these two conflicting theories into one.

I am 49 now and many things have happened in my life before.There were countless things and people that have come into my life and also walked away from me. So I can’t really base on all these to make a judgement except some recent experiences.

I recalled that there was once I was looking for a “gratitude” stone, a stone that will remind me to be grateful every time I touch it. I remembered I was walking along the road looking for a smooth, nice looking pebble. I didn’t find any and ended up with a stone that was the opposite of what I wanted. And then I let go and accepted imperfection and kept the stone.

A few days later, as I was smoking on the ground floor near the grass patch, something caught my eye. I squatted down to take a closer look, and to my delight, it was a smooth, black pebble, slightly oral in shape. it wasn’t the perfect stone I was looking for but 90% close to what I wanted! And since then, the pebble has been with me.

There was also another occasion when I chanced upon a sutra on the internet. And I told myself that I want to have a physical copy of that sutra at home to read regularly. I went to the temple to look for it but failed. One day, as I was having lunch with my colleagues, I saw this bookcase that displayed books for passersby to bring home. They are all free.

Something within me nudged me to walk towards the bookcase, and so I did. I went through the stack of dirty books and landed my hand on one of them. And when I took a look at the title, it was the Sutra that I wanted!

There wes once I tried to manifest a feather but it only happened weeks after I have long forgotten about it.

Then I began to wonder were those the act of LOA?

What amazes me is that LOA seems to work best with negative thoughts that attract negative events! And as I compared these experiences with what has happened in my life, I begin to shift my belief of the existence of an unseen force in the universe to moderately believe.

And that was so true for me. When I started to fear losing something or someone, I began to lose that thing or that person whom I love. My fears have created many negative thoughts in my mind that I began to worry this and doubt that, which then triggered the negative behavior, and hence pushing that person away.

Perhaps we are all born to be negative, or at least we are being brought up to have negative thoughts. Don’t we always say hope for the best but expect the worst? While it seems like managing our expectations, more often than not, we truly expect the worst. Our mind is so focused on the worst that the worst will have a higher probability of happening than the best.

And this then proves to me that thoughts become reality is kind of true. I recalled many incidents where I have had many negative thoughts about something, worrying and doubting myself, and things just happened the way I have imagined. This applies to anything that I have been through, from relationship breakup to stage fright to project failure, and it seemed like I have set myself up for failure!

Is that the game the game master wants me to play? I wonder at times. And if it’s not, then it’s LOA in action. How then can I use this knowledge to my advantage and practice Buddhism?

I guess letting go of desires, or at least desire peace and wisdom, loving myself and fill my heart with love and compassion will be my utmost and immediate task.


(After note: for anyone reading this article, you are welcome to leave your comments so that I can learn from you. Critics are welcome for it is one of the best way to learn in life.)


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