I was taken aback when I opened the mail and saw the news that she is in coma now.

It was indeed a shocking news as I know she has young kids too.

My heart sank as the news sank into my heart.

She is young, she is organised, she is hardworking and she is one of the best Project Manager in our IT Services team I’ve worked with in the past few years.

So is that the payoff after working so hard?

Life is so vulnerable and unpredictable, people come and go, and most of the time, we can only allow things to happen as it is. There is really nothing much we can do about it.

I know that this incident would brought tears to another of my closest friend for they know each other, and similarly there is nothing I can do about it, except to be the best that I can be, that is, be here for her.

I guess keeping silence is the best thing I can do for her.

I shall pray in my meditation tonight, for both the one in coma and the one in tears.

Last year, one of my distant colleagues passed on and saddened me, and triggered some thoughts in me when my life had a sudden turn of events.

Perhaps I have come to the age of witnessing death more and more, and we are all each other’s passer-by.

Sometimes I really wonder how much time have I left in this world. And have I really accomplished what I want to do?

We live for ourselves, not for others, not to please others but to do things that we really love to do.

This reminds me of what I really want in life and triggers my thoughts once again.

What if tomorrow doesn’t come for me, what will I wish I can do now?

May she be blessed and may she wake up from the coma and live life fully once again.

May she be blessed and let her tears wash away all her unhappiness and live life fully again with appreciation.

Tonight, I decided to sketch a heart shape and intended to pray while I sketched. I was focused and spent an hour plus to complete one of the sketches that I am satisfied with.

At the end of the sketching, I implanted a teardrop into the heart, reminding myself that in each and every single heart of sentient being, there will always be at least a drop of tears, for life is never smooth. Yet, we move on gracefully, facing all challenges with courage, because there is always love in this world…


Francis Lim

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