Drawing myself / 画自己

Before drawing the Buddha, I have tried drawing myself, something which I have also failed many times.

When I was practising how to draw myself, I found my own process of drawing, which is different from most of the YouTube videos that I have watched

From the internet, I learned that drawing the shape of the head is the first step but when I tried it out, I couldn’t draw proportionately.

Therefore, I tried to start with the eyes, nose and mouth first, and from there, I could then gauge size of the head and proceed from there.

My daughter always said that my drawing of the face is too long, which is something I agree, even till now. And so I practised and practised and with that, I completed the drawing of myself, not perfect but good enough.

The face is still too long, but from the video it looks not that bad. I guess it’s a perspective issue and I am satisfied with how it looks like on the screen. Is that trying to comfort myself to feel better? Haha!


Francis Lim









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