I was working when a colleague from Global Corporate Office skyped me and asked would I be around in office the next day. She would be coming to our office and hoped to meet me.

I replied yes and but told her that I would only be available in the morning as I have a 3 hours workshop in the afternoon from 2 – 5pm.

She then replied that she wouldn’t be so late and added: I will come over earlier to give you a hug first

I thought that was lovely and spontaneously replied: hmmm… that sounds lovely…

Then she gave me a “wink” emoticon and the conversation ended.

The next day, it was already lunch time and I have not heard from her. Besides, I had a busy morning.

It was half an hour before the workshop that her name popped up on my Skype screen again. She has just arrived in our office and asked me where I was.

So she came to my desk and we chatted for a while and she needed to pass something to another colleague. As she walked away, I picked up my own notebook and got ready to head to the workshop meeting room. She noticed that and turned around and asked: Need to go?

I replied yes and that was when she opened her arms wide suggesting a hug and without hesitation, I moved forward and we had a tight, warm and lovely hug in the office with the other colleagues around.

We Asians are not that open yet after all but I didn’t pay attention to how others were reacting and I couldn’t be bothered.

After the hug, I went straight to the meeting room where I was caged for near to 4 hours!


Francis Lim

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