Note: The thought about Freedom came to my mind when I was drawing this Dove. Dove is a symbol of peace and freedom, and that is what I am really seeking now.

Like it or not, we are all caged, in a way or two, by the following things (I believe there are many more):

Morality – so many things we wish to do but we cannot do because they are deemed not right or immoral.

Responsibilities – Heavily linked with morality, and heavy as a mountain on our backs. Responsibilities for our parents, our partners, our children, our employers, our employees, our friends, our lovers, our nations, our earth, and ignorance of these responsibilities is immoral.

Society – Words cannot be spoken, actions need to be appropriate, corporate ladders to be climbed, survival in corporate worlds (most of the time we are inevitably pulled into office politics), doors need to be locked, accounts need to be secured, multiple passwords to be remembered.

Social circle (referring to social media) – We go around “liking” posts that are being shared and shared and shared by millions of people, and then we forgot what we have “liked”. We “like” other people’s posts not because we like what they post but because we hope they will come and “like” our posts. Our attention get caught up by all the viral videos, which nobody is eager to find out more or learn more on the topic of the video. The first thing that we do in the morning when we wake up is to swipe the phone, looking out for messages and news posts on social media.

Ego – We refuse to admit that we’ve been hurt since young, ignoring the fact that our little inner self needs love. We seek love from outer and therefore we want to be accepted by others. We care too much what and how others think about us, when in actual fact, it doesn’t hurt us a single bit even if others think that we are lousy, as long as we are confident of ourselves. We flaunt what is supposed to be our duty, and call it “giving our best” to “contribute” to the success of the business. We work super hard to prove that we are worthy of employment, or we are what we think we are. We refuse to admit and accept negative feedbacks (even if we “graciously” accept and “try” to reflect on the feedback) and make ourselves unhappy. We seek appreciation from others, and when not given, we feel cheated or not valued.

Like it or not, we are all trapped, in a way or two, and hence we have no freedom at all.

The only way we can have freedom is to truly be ourselves, do what we love, love what we love, and say what we love and most importantly, accept what we don’t love.

Many people think that they are being themselves, when actually they are not, because most of them (or us) do, say and act in accordance to all of the above, and many a times, we do, say and act against our will.

Even if there are some who defy morality, responsibility, social acceptance, they are just trapped by their ego thinking that they are the extra-ordinary lot, and when things don’t go the way they wish, they get disappointed, upset and frustrated just like the others.

We are all trapped.


Francis Lim

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