Learning to draw with Procreate – Love in a feather

I do not know

Why I love the picture of the feather so much

Is it because of the blueish theme

For blue is my favourite colour

Or is it because of the gentleness of a feather

Just like the soft touch of a lover

And if I may

I wish my love can be as gentle and soft

That is carried by the wind

Across the vast lands and ocean

To a faraway land

Where I am not familiar

Where a new life awaits me

Feathers are said to be

Signs of ascension and spiritual

Where one’s soul is brought closer

To the guardian angels

If this is to be true

I feel thankful for the discovery

Of this blue feather

That brings to me peace and calmness

At this very moment

When angels shower their love on me


Francis Lim

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