Drawing with Procreate – My beautiful masseur

She was my masseur and she came from China, Jilin Province.

7 years ago, we got to know each other in the Chinese Physician store she worked in and sparked off our beautiful friendship.

I used to patronise her massage service regularly, and enjoyed her massage technique while chatting with her during the massage.

A year later, she decided to go back to hometown as she missed her son very much and we haven’t seen each other since then.

We seldom contact each other, except that she would send me a word or two of regards once in a while through WeChat. And one day, she suddenly sent me a picture of her hair shaved and told me that she had cancer. My heart broke and I wept upon seeing her picture.

Till now, that picture is still with me and I felt sad every time I saw the picture.

Perhaps it is true that kind people will always be rewarded, and so was she. She recovered after a few years of therapy and her hair grew back, still as beautiful as she was when she was in Singapore.

One day last month, she sent me a short selfie video and I screen shot the scene and decided to draw her face as a practice for my drawing.

And I did it today and felt satisfied with the finished product.

“Why are you still so pretty?” I asked her when she sent me the video.

“I’ve been making up and feeling vain!”She replied and added: “Take care of yourself and wait for me. I’ll come over to see you.”

“I will!” I said.

We are both hoping to see each other again, as we both miss each other.


*I hope one day, I will be able to draw portrait as real as I wish, and draw the people whom I love

Here’s the original picture:

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