Prevention is better than cure…

It was another day of clearing last year’s leave.

I did not have any plan to do anything and so I started to practise sketching in the morning.

By going back to the basic, it means that I should not be doing something too complex such as a human portrait, and so I repeated my practice of sketching realistic lips.

Then I took an apple from the fridge and started sketching and the result wasn’t as satisfactory as what the lips have given me.

It was already evening when I went for a swim and before I went into the swimming complex, my phone popped up a message that showed my manager’s name. I decided not to read it, and as the phone range, I proceeded to lock my stuffs in the locker.

I didn’t want to get into another foul mood because of the message or call.

Since my left shoulder started to show signs of strain when I lifted my arm, I have told myself to swim regularly as much as I can during this period of time. As the saying that goes: prevention is better than cure, I am actually late in prevention, it’s more of preventing it from worsening.

I am pretty sure it is the same frozen shoulder that I had 2 years back, except that it was the right shoulder back then. I could vividly remember how much pain I went through the last time, having sleepless night as the pain tortured me throughout the nights, every night.

Chinese massage, acupuncture and rotator cuff exercise didn’t help and for a few months, I suffered until I finally decided to visit a well known doctor for muscle and bones. He gave me an injection near to the back of my shoulder blade and extracted some “gels” out.

Amazingly, the pain reduced drastically and made another appointment with him for a second extraction. The doctor advised me to swim in the pool to loosen my shoulder muscles and I did.

It was barely 2 weeks and I recovered. And I didn’t have to had another extraction in my second appointment.

I did not meditate by the pool today and spent most of the time in the water. Swimming isn’t really something that I love to do, for I find that it is too tiring if I swim laps after laps.

But it is really amazing to notice how much the water can calm my mind, body and soul as I submerged myself in the water. All I could hear was the sound of water, cut away from the outside world.

Besides, I could feel the pain relieved slightly after every swim and I know that given time, my frozen should will be “defrosted” and I will be back to normal.


Francis Lim


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