How I start my day – weekday

07 March 2020.

Last night, I sent a message to my close friend wishing her well and hoping that she will not get burnt out by the numerous projects that she is currently handling.

And then I thought to myself: If, and only if everyone in this world play their part in an organisation, all our lives will be much easier and balanced.

In reality, everyone is fighting for survival regardless of what approach each individual takes. There are people whom we call “NATO” – No action talk only. There are people who just want to play politics, they are more concern of how they will not be impacted when things go wrong. There are also people who practise the art of “Taiji” skilfully, pushing away tasks that rightfully belong to them.

Then there are hardworking bees who just do and do and do, not knowing they are being taken advantage of. But there are also some hardworking ants who know that they are being taken advantage of and yet decide to just do the extras out of wanting to be a responsible person.

There are many other different types of people in an organisation.

I am not sure which category I fall into but definitely not the political type as I am really poor in this area.

I do acknowledge that I have my own selfish side, and everyday, I would be thinking how I can help those who are closest to me and do the extra bit, even though the tasks may not fall into my area of job scope. At times, I do feel that I am not appreciated, or being exploited, or being silly or naive.

Yet, time and again, I just fall into the trap of doing my best to help out of love.

Many years ago, a close girlfriend of mine always said this to me: Life sucks, but life still goes on.

This statement sounds negative, but there is some truth in it. The thing here is that no matter how sucky we think our life is, it still has to go on, unless we choose to end our life.

At some point in time, I will think of what if one day I leave this world, what will happen to the people around me? Will anyone ever regret not loving me when I am still around?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. They will grief, they will be sad, but time will flush away their sorrows and in a matter of time, they will be fine.

Then I will smile and feel silly for my own thoughts. We are all passers-by in this world, who cares whether I am around or not.

Yesterday, I was listening to a motivational video today and the advice given was for people to wake up and start thinking: What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?

Then I reflected upon myself and thought of how I start my day – every weekday.

Every morning, as my alarm goes off at 5am, the first thing that I will do is of course to turn off the alarm. Then with clumsiness, I crawl down from my bed and sit on my meditation cushion which is just beside the bed.

With legs crossed, eyes closed and still in a sleepy state, I will try my best to focus on my breath and remind myself that it’s a brand new day and it’s going to be a great day for myself.

Thoughts may come if I am already fully awake, and I use my breath to bring me back to the present. Slowly and quietly in my heart, I send love to myself and those whom I love.

At times, I may find myself dozing off once again, my body swaying back and forth, left and right. And nothing goes into my mind.

I do feel proud though that I have kept this habit for almost 3 years. But weekend is a total different story at all, as I tend to sleep late in the night before.

Today is Saturday yet it is a working day for me. I spent most of my time working on some of the more important projects so that they won’t slip and run into failures. And then I picked up the pencils and completed my mouse sketch, which I am quite satisfied with.

I try my best, just like I try my best to love my love unconditionally…


Francis Lim

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