Restless weekend ending with a good cause…

15 March 2020.

Sunday and a hot and sunny day.

It was a really restless weekend and it started on Saturday morning when I tried to sketch a nose but couldn’t really focus.

For the rest of Saturday, I know not what I have been doing, strolling up and down in my small little house and kind of wasted my time.

Perhaps, the only positive things that I did were short meditation here and there. And with meditation, I had glimpses of the cause of my restlessness.

I knew that I am missing something, or someone or both. And yet, there is no one I can share with.

Today wasn’t any better, even though I did my housework as usual, vacuuming and mopping the floor, followed by washing of the toilet.

I was supposed to continue to sketch this evening after dinner, but decided to have a cup of coffee before the sketching session.

As I sipped my coffee, latest news on YouTube about Covid-19 in Singapore captured my attention.

Singapore Government has stepped up measures to curb the spread of the virus, including issuing new advisories for Singaporeans to travel less to the impacted countries (including ASEAN) and also new law of 14 days self quarantine for all returning citizens.

On top of that, it was also mentioned in the news that Singapore government has to make the hard decision to reject other countries’ citizens from seeking medical treatment here, and that was in view of the need to protect the people in Singapore.

Part of the reasons sited was we are a small country, and if there is an outbreak like other countries, we may not have the resources and facility to contain the virus spread, as we are already seeing our medical front liners being physically and mentally stretched by the increasing numbers of new COVID-19 cases in Singapore.

Thoughts flowed through my mind as I listened to the news. Saving lives is a given, but being helpful and kind to save a life, and opening up the floodgate to endanger the rest of the citizens is a tricky question.

Where is the line? What is right or wrong?

It isn’t easy to make such a decision but our government did.

It was the word “stretched” that really caught my attention and suddenly it just dawned upon me that I have not done anything to help the “already stretched” front liners in the battle with this wide spread disease.

I recalled vaguely during the initial outbreak, there were news about some volunteers stepping out to help with the issues, and sending food to the people who are in quarantine.

I felt ashamed somehow.

Without finishing the news, I did a quick search on “how can we help and donate for COVID-19 in Singapore” and it brought me to which I have an account.

I searched for donation campaigns and volunteers which are specifically related to COVID-19. There is a volunteer program which requires participation on weekdays, which I am not able to. So perhaps the next best thing I can do is to offer my donation.

Eventually, I chose a couple of campaigns that are more relevant such as providing additional support to front line Nurses, providing cleaning and self care packages to the needy, and as my mom has slight dementia, I have also donated a small amount to the association for dementia care.

I know that the amount I donated may not be a huge amount, but I do hope that all these small amounts can be consolidated to a huge amount that will help Singapore tie over this critical period.

I know too that doing good should be a given and I should not ask for anything in return. But I knew I did it with a purpose – for good karma, for I really hope that people around me and those whom I love will be well and safe from the virus.

That’s what I ask for, else, I will be worried for them.

And I wish all the unsung heroes in the front line good health and life ahead of them after this crisis.

All these years, I wish I can contribute more, and yet deep within me, I have some reservations in volunteering too, for I am not one who can really interact with strangers.

It’s a fear that I need to overcome…


Francis Lim

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  1. I believe SG gov is doing a right thing and on an appropriate pace in the virus fight. I don’t trust HK Govt, they are pretentious and political, not put our lives and Heath care worker in first place. Then our leader would come out and gain the praise when the situation is eased, but the temporary calm in brought by the elevated sanitary sense among HK people however we are losing our patience on sanitising our place and putting mask on. (I still put mask on and cave in my home with mother and godfather )

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