Let it be and let them go…

16 March 2020.

Latest news on COVID-19 is that our neighbouring country, Malaysia, has issue a country wide lock down in view of the outbreak.

First, it was China Wuhan city, then more of China, followed by South Korea, Italy and now a country so close to us.

When is this going to end? Ever since the lockdown of the very Wuhan, I have already felt the fears in the people within the city, and now, I see more and more fears arising everywhere on earth.

I wish them well, I sincerely do. And also wish the loved ones of my loved on will be fine.

And I know they will be.

Recently, I have been thinking, when we are not being appreciated, no matter how much we do and how much we care, there will come a time when we have to let it be and let them go.

I guess we just don’t need to beg for appreciation.

And what will be left is just ……….. silence.


Francis Lim

Categories: Photography, self-love, thoughts

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