I feel a sense of gratitude

03 April 2020.

Perhaps I know the quote well:

“Distance never kills a relation. Closeness never builds a relation. It’s the caring of one’s feelings that builds faith and maintains a relation.”

I’ve had close relationship with people from afar. It was my care and concern that built the faith and maintained the relationship. But as we got closer, the caring lessened, and the relationship broke.

How magical being caring can be? And I wish to be and will be more caring in the future, expecting nothing in return.

Today, I felt a sense of gratitude feeling my soul, so is peace.

I lectured dad for an hour, not the first time though, and I was stern with him. Then I made him sat beside me for 20 minutes after the lecture, chanting “Na mo Kuan sei yin Poh sat” (name of The Bodhisattva of Great Compassion – Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva) in Hokkien with eyes closed.

And what was most wonderful was mom chanted together with us as she sat on the sofa.

As I chanted, I visualised her in my mind, paying respect to her and requested her to send blessings to my loved ones, including PK. I felt somehow, that my love for all has been sent to them.

Singapore Government has announced a stricter measure today, announcing that all schools will be closed and students will stay home for full time home based learning. Non essential business sectors will be closed as well, leaving those that impact the global supply chain, the healthcare, food and beverages and a few industries opened.

Is that a drastic measure, I do not know. I only know that the company I am in is not going to be closed. But with the stricter measures, it also means that all of us are discouraged to move around freely in the streets and are to stay home most of the time, except to shop for essential stuffs.

My challenges came, as I had plan to go back to office to send some disinfectant wet wipes to a friend overseas. If my office is closed, leaving only the essential personnel, will there be anyone who can assist me?

I’ll try anyhow, for the shipment is an essential to my friend.

I am feeling grateful because I am still well, while others are struggling to survive, be it necessarily or unnecessarily. At least, I don’t feel paranoid of the situation that we are facing, and I know that when things need to happen, they will happen.

Knowing that my loved ones are also well gives me peace of mind and sense of gratitude. What else can I ask for amid this chaotic global situation now?

Besides, I know that I am capable of helping those whom I love and in need of my help now.

Hence, I fear nothing and I am grateful, at least for now.


Francis Lim

* Quotes and pictures extracted from YouTube videos.

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