Love fills my heart…

04 April 2020.


“Be with someone who loves you harder on the days when you can’t love yourself.”

Somehow, when I saw this quote on YouTube, I just love it very much. So I decided to sketch the Buddha face I saw on YouTube that comes with this quote. I’m not sure if this is really a quote from Buddha as per claimed by the video.

But I do know that there are days when we will feel frustrated and upset due to external circumstances and these moments may trigger a lack of love for ourselvess. And only during those moments that we truly realise who are our friends and who are just acquaintances.

There are people who will bombard us with words of “wisdom” and “righteousness” during the period when we are down and need love most, as if they have never made any mistake in their lives.

There are people who will just walk away from us when we fall into the bottom of the valley, and yet having strong and righteous reasons of why they do so.

Such are people who loves themselves more than they love us.

There are people who will silently send us blessings and when we fall into darkness, they stand there like a lighthouse, guiding us towards a safe harbour.

There are people who will just listen to us and say nothing, but just give us support and love us no matter how much or how big a mistake we have made.

There are also people who will love us more when we fail to love ourselves and punish ourselves unknowingly.

Such is true love.

And that’s why I love this quote.

I took the two old folks for a walk in the park again after dinner. It was a cool evening where soft whispers of the wind caressed our ears.

We took a shorter route today as I did not want to tire mom out as the last walk seemed to be too much for her.

Nevertheless, that is really the bare minimum I can do for them.

I love them.

I am very satisfied with this sketch though it is not perfect yet.

Life is all about imperfections and I have learned to accept flaws at times, especially my own flaws. After months of practices, at least now I can sketch a decent picture within a few days.

And more importantly, every time I sketch, I fill my heart and soul with peace, allowing the mind to rest amid the busy work schedule and the uncertain COVID-19 pandemic.

With compassion, I wish that all who are safe to continue to be safe, and all who are fighting with the virus to win a beautiful battle against it. May all sentient beings be freed from all kinds of sufferings, be it self-inflicted or contracted from the external environment.



Francis Lim

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