07 May 2020.


I am falling in love with sketching for now.

And the more I sketched, the more I want to challenge myself to do better and better each day.

Few days back, Charlene gave me a challenge to draw an Anime character for her to guess who I would be drawing. And I completed the sketch in 2 hours last night.

Unfortunately, the character that I sketched isn’t someone whom she is familiar with, and hence, she couldn’t make a correct guess.

It has been a month since we started our “circuit breaker” where everyone is to stay home everyday.

Not only do the working adults begin to feel sick of the house, the kids and elderly are facing the same challenges too.

Recently, mom has been picking up her sling bag again and getting ready to go out. When I asked her where she wanted to go, she replied that my sister has asked her to go over to her place for dinner.

I knew that was not true, for my sister would let me know if she has indeed invited my mom to her place. Besides, now is the period when everyone is encouraged to stay home.

With much care and love, I patted mom’s shoulder and told her that nobody is allowed to go out of the house. I couldn’t explain more because I knew that she wouldn’t understand what I had to say. Then I would tell her that once this is over, I will bring her over to my siblings’ houses to have meals.

Seeing her disappointed face, my heart ached.

Mom has been sitting at home whole day doing nothing. I have tried to strike a bit of conversation with the same old topics. And mom would also tell me the same old story over and over again, story that never did happen and she said it with so much belief within her.

It was her own illusion, I am very sure of it.

As suggested by my brother and sister, I encouraged mom to do a bit of colouring and elderly exercises. I am not sure how is feeling and what she is thinking. But at least, she is doing something.

Every time she finished colouring, she would bring the book to me and asked me how did she do. And she thought that she was helping me to do my work.

When I searched the YouTube, I had challenges looking for the right “elderly exercise” video for her, for she can only understand Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese.

So when I found the video, I was excited and told her to just follow the video to do the exercises while I sat beside her.

I then recorded the video and sent them to my siblings for them to see how mom is doing.

It’s really a challenging period for all, and for mom, all she does whole day is to sleep, eat and sit.


Francis Lim


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