Don’t Take Anyone For Granted

09 September 2020.

Suddenly I felt very tired this afternoon. I knew that I was kind of exhausted physically and mentally.

While my workload isn’t extremely heavy recently but I used more brain juices in the matters that I am handling and people that l am “managing”.

I guess my ex-manager was right, there may be somethings that I am doing and I feel that it is not my rightful job. Such situations can easily drain a person out, especially when it isn’t by will.

Nevertheless, I have accepted whatever it is as much as I can and I also accept the fact that I am after all not a saint. There will be times when I will feel a little bit imbalance and it’s natural for me to feel tired mentally.

As I opened my eyes around 4ish this morning, I knew I had unfinished work to do. I needed to catch a colleague who was working in the night shift. So, I got out of bed and turned on the notebook.

It is something within me that I am always proud of myself. The eagerness to get the answers that I need and the enthusiasm to resolve issues have always earned me respect and trust from the others.

On the flip side, it can also mean that I am more exhausted than the others.

Sometimes, I cannot understand why there are many people in this world not taking ownership of their own tasks and expecting things to be what they would like to be. And more often than not, these people take the kindness of the others for granted.

My Skype profile message is: Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. And my department head wrote in the group chat this morning saying that this quote inspire him every time he sees my profile message. And I replied: I try to practise it though I’ve failed many times.

It is true that I will try to practise what I have learned.

It was many years ago when I saw the English translation of this famous Confucius quote. I remembered that I was standing in the train station waiting f the next train. And then there was a few billboards in the station. And one of the billboards had this quote and I noted it down mentally.

Ever since then, I try to remind myself this quote regularly.

And so I try my best not to take others’ kindness and goodwill for granted, especially towards the people who loves me very much or have helped me in my life or work.

Anna’s birthday is approaching and I wish to do something for her such as writing her a letter or sketching her portrait. She’s a lovely girl and I wish her health and happiness in the many years to come.


Francis Lim

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