Finished Art Piece

It didn’t take too long for me to finish my “art piece”.

It isn’t perfect, but I absolutely love it.

It is definitely one of my most satisfying art work.

I am comforted.

As I looked at the handsome guy on the paper, I smiled with admiration.

Hmmm… this is one hell of a guy who can bring smiles upon others’ faces, warmth to their heart, laughter to their world and love to their life.

Then I realised, I am such a narcissist!

But to be honest, I am very proud of myself.

I have slowed down my pace a little, still trying hard to get back on track.

It’s funny that usually people tries to pick up to get back on track while I am on the opposite direction.

But yes, I shut down my notebook earlier in the evening, and I turned it on later in the morning.

Still, I have not reached the state that I wished, especially when I was doing personal coaching on one of my colleagues. But the moment I finished coaching him, I shut down without second thoughts.

Then I will spend my time letting go of any frustration that I might have in the day, and start to rest my mind. It is one of my favourite time when I start doing this self-talk.

The day ends here and tomorrow is awaiting for me when the sun rises again.

Will I get to see the sun again?

I don’t really care.


Francis Lim

My drawing materials:

– graphite pencils

– mechanical pencil

– eraser

– kneaded eraser

– blending stump

– cotton buds

– graphite powder

– brush

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