Taking it slow…

I’m taking it slow with this sketch because I want to do a good job.

Life is short.

Everyone knows that and everyone talks about it frequently.

Yet, we rush through our daily routine without noticing the beauty of life in itself.

We wake up, wash up, rush to work, rush our meals, rush to complete projects, rush to cook, rush to end the day and rush to home.

And in all the mad rush, we neglect the beautiful sight along the way, we ignore the wonderful nature of wind and sound for all we can picture in our mind is the end state that we want to be in, short or long term.

We have all forgotten that the faster we go, the sooner we reach the end and that is — death.

It is commonly said that the journey should be the most important and enjoyable, not the end state.

But nobody truly appreciates the journey.

And I am learning to appreciate the journey of life.

So I am really slowing down my pace, for I want to enjoy this beautiful world.

It doesn’t matter anymore if my wishes haven’t come true.

I’ve put out my wishes into nowhere and I shall let them be. I have given all that I can, I have loved all that I want.

I know that one day, they will come to me.

And I need to slow down in order for them to have time to come to me.

I am loved.


Francis Lim

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