It is too late……

It was a very old movie and I remembered that I like that show.

It is about how a group of people trapped in the blown up tunnel survived and saw daylight again.

The movie title is “Daylight”.

But what struck me the most this time round was one of the saddest event.

Before the tunnel was blown and destroyed and killed many, a man was having a conversation with his lover over the walkie talkie.

The conversation evolved around the man having something to tell the woman later that day. She wanted to hear it at that moment, but he insisted that he would tell her only at night.

Unfortunately, he never had the chance to tell her he loved her, for he did not survive the disaster.

You see in life, we always think that we have all the time that we want.

We continue to procrastinate and delay what our beart desire.

We feel that we have many tonights and tomorrows without thinking they may not come for us.

And by the time we realise that we don’t have the chance anymore, it is too late.

As for myself, do I have anything that I want to do or say to anybody?

Yes, I do and I am still procrastinating and delaying, for reasons that may just be excuses.

I accept it anyway and even of it becomes too late, I have no regrets, for I am responsible for my own action.

What I can only say now is ‘I love you” to whoever I love.

And if I don’t see daylight again, I have said it all.

Step by step, with patience, either a make it in life, or l ruin it, just like this portrait that I am trying to complete slowly.


Francis Lim

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