I have never been truly bald until recently when I ditched my electric shaver.

When I first shaved my head in 2018 for Hair for Hope, it was like a wish came true, yet it was for a good cause.

I have always wished to be bald for reason(s) I do not know of until today.

But somehow, I found that mine wasn’t really bald, for I could feel like as if my palm was moving over a wooden surface, feeling rough, in fact spiky when I caressed my head.

And I have been thinking how would it be like if I can have a head that is so smooth to touch.

So two weeks back, I took the plunge and decided to use the traditional way of using razor blade to shave my head, ignoring the fact that I might get cuts around it.

After the shave, the feeling was honestly great as I touched my bald head and felt the smooth skin of my scalp. It was very much a different feeling and I am glad that at least now I really how it feels like to be totally bald without the 0.5mm spikes.

It was like the arrival of a new me.

Many people think that having a bald head will help a man to save cost from visiting barbers or hairdressers as well as shampoo.

I thought so too, until I realised that I couldn’t keep my head bald for barely two days and started reading up on materials on care for bald head.

I learned that there is no way to keep my head permanently bald and I gained new knowledge such as using post-shave balm to reduce / cool the razor cuts and bumps.

So I had to spend on post-shave balm for a start. Then I I also learned that I may need to get moisturiser for the exposed scalp as well as sun-screen when going under the sun.

A cap or hat will be a good alternative and so I started to shop around online for hats.

There are really quite a few things to learn on just a bald head itself.

And now, every two days, I will feel the arrival of a new me when the hair starts to grow again. And I just love the way my palm feel when I caress my newly shaved head.

So I wanted to sketch a picture of myself being bald and I received two feedbacks from my close friends.

“Like not so close”, said one friend, whom I believe he was saying that it doesn’t look like me.

“Nose not thick. Cheek need more shading, and jaw too wide”, said another friend.

I am happy to receive these feedbacks for I know that they gave me the feedbacks for me to improve in my next sketch.

A few nights back, I chanced upon this movie “Arrival” and completed it on the same night.

It is an interesting story about how human and extraterrestrials {who touched down across the globe} learn new languages from each other and started to communicate (with much of a guess).

The story went on with Louise (a linguist) teaching English words to the extraterrestrials and in return, she received signs or symbols which everyone believed that it was the language of the extraterrestrials.

When “Offer weapon” was flashed, earthlings panicked and the whole world was ready to engage the extraterrestrials offensively.

But that wasn’t what the extraterrestrials really mean. “Weapon” to them was actually “gift” and they were here to offer a gift to human kind, and that was, their language.

The earthlings, due to their fearful, hostile and selfish nature, tend to see everything as a threat or unfavourable and hence was ready to strike anytime as a form of self-defence.

Because there is lack of love and trust in this world.

Many a times in life, we say or do something with no ill intention but others tend to read too much in between the lines and feel that we are targeting at them.

Or perhaps, we may have certain general meaning but not directed at anyone specific and only those who behave the way that was mentioned or talked about will be the ones who are bothered.

This reminded me of a popular Chinese saying that goes: if we have not done anything wrong, we will not be afraid of ghost knocking on our doors in the middle of the night.

Only the guilty will be suspicious, that’s how it goes in this world and I have always had this problem myself, thinking that I was the topic of the day.

And so I guess, I have not been all that righteous after all.


Francis Lim

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