Goodbye, my love / 再见了,亲爱的

My dearest,

Perhaps you are not aware, I am feeling very tired, extremely tired from loving you.

The rain poured heavily today, creating a blurry world as I looked out of the window. And that triggered numerous thoughts within me.

I don’t seem to understand this world anymore, just like I couldn’t see your world clearly.

I have alway believed that all my life’s experiences were coincidental, and yet not coincidental.

But slowly, I began to realise that the beauty of all lies on a state of non-expectation, and as expectations increased, disappointments increase exponentially.

We were so close before, you in me, me in you, we were as one.

We walked the path together once, experiencing the beauty of life and weathering through some ugly moments, and I have never had any regret, for I know that many a times, you weren’t mindful or aware or things were beyond your control. I tried my best to understand the situation, just like wearing your shoes, attempting with the best effort to understand your predicaments.

I have been wishing for more care from you, and I need you to know that no matter how strong I am, I need love and care too. But your care and concern has never been me.

Perhaps, there are others who deserve more attention and love from you, and I had to learn and accept it as it is.

And thus, we walk a separate path and our distance grow further.

Throughout these years, I have given my utmost love to you, cared for you and even pampered you. I stood by your side whenever you felt down, hoping that one day you would come to realise that I am the one who loved you most, cared for you most in this world, with no regret at all.

But you have chosen to neglect me and my need for love, and have not cherished the love I have for you.

Leaving you isn’t my choice, for you have pushed me away again and again with your coldness.

I have truly loved you with my heart. Your words and actions were somehow tied to the strings of my heart. When you were relaxed, I felt joy, when you were anxious, I felt tightness, your joy was my happiness and your worries and problems brought tears to my eyes.

I know you have loved me once, but the more I give, the worst it gets.

A neglected love will get weak and tired eventually, just like a heart will turn cold when not showered with love and warmth.

I am honestly tired and no longer wish to hurt myself just to make you happy, for my heart is already filled with scars and injuries.

For many years, I held you tightly in my hands, forgetting that if I am to let go, I may find a new world.

Since your world can’t allow my existence, perhaps the best thing to do is to let go and give you the freedom that you wish, and mine too.

As the chilly breeze rose behind my back, I made the decision, it’s time to go.

And then the song (I am really leaving) from Eric Moo rose inside my head:

“我真的要走了 只停泊片刻的依靠 来了又去的候鸟 曾想过一生对你好

我真的要走了 温暖我一夜的怀抱 外面的风雨飘摇 曾想过陪你直到老

为了现实中 拥有一个梦 把爱装载随身的口袋

为了在梦中 有一个你 我身不由己的回头

风干了的泪 挥不停的手 还有多长的路要走

请你多珍重(再见我的爱) 我真的要走了”


Francis Lim


























“我真的要走了 只停泊片刻的依靠 来了又去的候鸟 曾想过一生对你好

我真的要走了 温暖我一夜的怀抱 外面的风雨飘摇 曾想过陪你直到老

为了现实中 拥有一个梦 把爱装载随身的口袋

为了在梦中 有一个你 我身不由己的回头

风干了的泪 挥不停的手 还有多长的路要走

请你多珍重(再见我的爱) 我真的要走了”




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