As I sat quietly on the meditation cushion with my eyes closed last night, I started to pray instead of focusing on my breath to be still.
They were words of blessings with full of love, care and concern.
I know not whether my prayers would be heard but I need to make myself believe that it will work.
After breakfast this morning, I took a picture of my hands in a prayer gesture and began to sketch.
It took me just one and a half hours to sketch this pair of hands that belong to me.
I am very happy with the output, especially when each stroke was drawn with sincere prayers in my heart.
Everyone needs prayers, be it a religious person or not.
At some point in time in our life, we will wish for something to happen the way we want.
Those are prayers, either to our God, our Buddha, the universe or the unknown whoever or even ourselves.
Prayers are just prayers, prayers don’t work if there is no sincerity and trust in whoever we pray to.
Prayers don’t work when they are meant to be harmful to others.
We can pray all that we want, but we need to believe in it and take action to achieve what we want to achieve.
If a person doesn’t want to help himself, not even God or Buddha or the universe or the unknown whoever can help him, even if he prays hard.
But I am sure my prayers will be heard, and my wish will come true.
Because I am really sincere.
Francis Lim

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