It’s time……

The new year has come silently, literally silently as there was not much of a nation wide celebration.

I thought it was expected, given the COVID19 situation this year.

Looking back once again, I am thankful that I have achieved most of what I wished for and wanted to do, though there may be some imperfections.

It is a new year, a new beginning and the time has come.

It is now the time to accept whatever come may.

No expectation.

No hopeful thoughts.

Just like the beautiful flower that left the tree, lying alone quietly on the ground, accepting whatever come may, be it trampled by passers by, or swept into trash bins and burnt afterwards.

I accept that I can’t change anyone.

The only one whom I can change is myself, my thoughts and my wishes.

May love fills the hearts of all mankind.

May love be the only thing that binds everyone together.

This is the year of acceptance.


Francis Lim

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