Cycling Alone……

It was a bright sunny Sunday morning.

I looked out of the window and then looked at my new bike.

For days, I’ve been planning on National Parks’ and Goole’s map to see where I could go in this small island to explore new cycling routes in this uneventful lifestyle of mine, instead of repeating the same old routines at home, doing nothing.

No matter what, I’m going to do things alone, I know it.

My phone was as silent as it should be, no interesting news (not that I really care about news), no interesting chat, no nothing.

When I saw that it was a perfect day to go for a “long distance” ride today, I thought to myself: Let’s do it.

And so with my sports wear and a pair of knee guard, I set out under the blazing sun.

The first 5 km of the route was familiar to me, as it was my usual path to office. Usually I will turn onto the main road and cycle towards the office, but today, I went straight to explore new paths that could bring me to Singapore’s popular Marina Bay.

It wasn’t a difficult ride, most part of the route was flat and even if there were any ascending climb, they were gradual and having gotten familiar with my bike and the gear shifting, I felt relaxed and carefree.

As I finally neared the destination, I came to Kallang Riverside Park, passing by Singapore Sports Stadium, a place where I have taken pictures from the opposite before, and also a place where I have visited in 2015 with a loved one.

As sweet memories flashed through my mind, a smile crawled onto my face. It was a wonderful sensation.

Taking pictures is something that I have learned not to forget in these few years, especially when the beautiful scenes fall into my eyes.

I have deleted many of my old photographs that I have taken in many places last few years, and those that I have kept, I have not accessed them anymore. So I seriously do not know the purpose of taking pictures in my recent cycling routes.

Was I trying to keep them as memories or wanting to share them with others where I have been?

Along the way, I saw many cyclists, all of them in groups, minimum a pair, except me, as alone as I could be.

Whenever I saw a family cycling together, the parents and the kids, a sense of envious rose within me. Then I would comfort myself with the feeling of freedom within me. At least, I can go anywhere, stop anytime and decide on my own how long I want to stay in a place.

As the sun rise to over my head, I began to feel streaks of perspiration running down my face but it was breezy still as I cycled. I could feel the spit of the sun’s warmth only when I stopped to take pictures, and wished that I can one day cycle in a cool place, perhaps during autumn season.

It will be another kind of experience but it will never happen in Singapore.

Melbourne, perhaps, one day.

Heading back was easy since I was already familiar with the route.

There are many more routes to be explored, and I have many weekends to do it. And I told myself, next round, I will set off at 5 plus in the morning so that I can stay there for a short meditation by the bay before I head back to home.

Or perhaps I should plan to cycle to a place where I can see the sunrise and enjoy the peaceful moment alone on a beautiful Sunday.

Yes, alone, something that I am used to, and need to get used to.

I’ve travelled to Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Australia alone. I’ve been to movies, walk the parks and went for photo shoots alone, it’s nothing new to me.

I mean, that’s how I look at life now, coming to this world alone and eventually leave this world alone……


Francis Lim

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