A new plan?

I have wasted the whole day doing nothing yesterday.

It was a wet Saturday as the rain started to pour from just before lunch till evening.

And as I spent hours looking at YouTube videos on 8 brocades exercise (八段锦), it seemed like I was just watching and watching and watching, there’s no action taken until finally I decided to perform one round of 8 brocades exercise and meditation before heading to bed.

As usual, I opened my eyes when the sky was still dark this morning and crawled down the bed for a 20 minutes meditation.

5.30am to a lot of people around me is considered very early, especially on a weekend. But to me, it isn’t new. In fact, I welcome that kind of early hours when everything seems to be still, waiting for the city to wake up.

The only thing I cannot really appreciate and understand is that I have not been able to sleep as well as I wish in the past 2 – 3 years no matter how much I tried to meditate and be mindful, and now even with cycling daily, it has improved slightly but not to the extend that I can sleep deeply throughout the nights.

I know deep within me there is something that bother(s) me, but what exactly it is / they are, I do not know.

Is it work related? Is it relationship? Is it the new company culture? Is it the horrendous style and attitude of my “new” manager (Yes, he’s actually not new, being in the role for 1 year 3 months and still do not know about the team’s operations and tools that we support)? Is it someone that I miss? Is it something that I wish to do but I cannot do?

The pain and stiffness of my left upper arm muscle adds on to the uneasy sleep, and every morning, I “suffer” the pain upon opening my eyes.

“Listen to my body”, I have been reminding myself, and so I have tried many things to cure the pain, to no success.


This word came to me suddenly in my morning meditation.

I have tried many things, but never long enough to see the fruits of the labour.

I battled between cycling in the dark and doing 8 brocades exercise and the latter won. Following the instructions on the YouTube video, I did a 15 minutes stretching after my meditation.

Was it good? I do not know as it is just the beginning.

It has been in my mind for a few days to catch sunrise in the weekend. I plan to start my cycling at 5 plus in the morning to a place where I can see sunrise.

Singapore is literally a concrete jungle, a place where you cannot see the horizon of the sea and the sky, even at the beach. And the frequent gloomy weather makes it even more difficult to catch sunrise or sunset here.

So I googled for “Best spots for sunrise and sunset in Singapore” and gotten a few results. Most of the results recommend the same spots – Marina Garage, Marina Bay, Gardens By The Bay, Lower Seletar Reservoir, Punggol Waterway Park, East Coast Park, Rower’s Bay etc.

I looked through the pictures, there is a couple of them beautifully shot, but most of them, the pictures are just showing the fiery or “orangy” sky with huge puffy clouds. Besides, the pictures are not well taken.

It then triggered my interest on photography again and the thought of “why not make a plan to capture the best sunrise / sunset shot” in various locations myself? Now that I have my beautiful Giant Escape 1 bike with me, I can travel to places where I had problem accessing.

It is definitely a plan, but to execute it takes persistency, patience, proper planning and of course the cooperation of the weather.

So, that’s my new plan, one that will be executed over many weekends depending on my mood and weather.

I hope one day, I will be able to write an article to share with readers the best spots to catch sunrise / sunset in Singapore with beautiful pictures.

It will not be the best article / photo album but definitely something I can do.

Yes, I can do it, just like I am sure I can cure my left upper arm’s stiffness and pain in due time, with persistency and patience.

Just like I am sure I will live the life that I wish to live one day.

A simple life with my loved one.

Performance bonus is coming in a couple of days, and I will share it with my loved one and perhaps, pamper myself once again by getting something that I want and which will help with my health.


Francis Lim

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