I have only one goal in mind – 100 km

My 100km journey video

It was an undecided plan when I went to bed last night.

My stiff neck (possibly due to the cycling) made me hesitate going for a real long distance ride that would break my own record.

As I looked at the map and planned the route, I ended up half hearted, telling myself that I shall see how it goes today.

Waking up at 4.45 am, still undecided, I prepared 2 half boiled eggs and cleared my bowels before I put on my “gears”.

Yes, ever since the first long distance ride of 60km, I’ve realised that I need to be more prepared with gel padded cycling shorts and jersey.

It was 5.43 am when my legs paddled the first cycle.

I went according to my planned route, from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 to Yio Chu Kang and I was supposed to turn left into Seletar Aerospace Way and I was cycling on road instead of pavement or park connectors.

Perhaps due to the over-confident, I did not refer to the map as I rode along and along Yio Chu Kang, I saw a left turn and assumed that it was the turn into Seletar Aerospace Way.

But to my horror, I realised I might have gone into the slip road that leads to the expressway!

Cycling on expressway is an offence in Singapore and upon realising that, I wanted to turn back, but there was no footpath or pavement for me to cycle back and by turning back, it would mean I’d be cycling against the traffic.

I felt lost for a moment, so what should I do?

There was no car on the expressway.

I opened Google map, trying to ascertain my exaction position and saw that the road ahead leads to Seletar West Link which wasn’t far. I was still not able to confirm whether I was on the expressway.

It seemed like point of no return for me and much time was wasted.

So I told myself just press on and reach Seletar West Link as quickly as possible.

Upon pushing further, I confirmed that I have actually entered the expressway, but I really could not turn back.

Luckily for me, the road was deserted due to the early hours and I paddled quickly towards where I thought I should go.

When I finally reached the normal road, I heaved a sigh of relief and told myself that even if I am to be fined for that, I’d willingly accept it for it was really a mistake of my own.

The journey continued and I wondered should I push for my personal goal of 100km or just go to the place where I could enjoy the sunrise and head back to home.

By the time I reached the Sunrise bridge in Punggol Park Connector, it was already bright and missed the sunrise if there was.

With the earlier bad experience, I told myself to just go for my personal goal and I ingrained in my own head – 100km, it will be.

So I continued to Pasir Ris, Loyang, Changi Village, Tanah Merah Coastal Road and finally reached East Coast Park.

The meter showed 49km and I was only half way through my goal.

Resting at the jetty like platform, I took a couple of photos and selfie for the purpose of memory sharing.

The sound of waves was soothing to my heart and I enjoyed that short moment of peace and rested for 30 minutes till 9.15 am.

The second half of the 100km was honestly pretty demoralising, but I pressed on, passing by as usual Marina Barrage, Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay, Kallang Park.

As I looked at the meter, it was just barely about 70 km, and I wondered how I could reach 100km as the road started to get busy with cars. I would travel via pavement or park connectors instead of the road.

I ended up making rounds to places that I did not plan for just to clock the mileage that I wanted to achieve.

There was only one goal in my mind – 100km, even if it means cycling through paths I have cycled earlier.

The sun was getting hot and I could feel the heat from within. Fortunately, I had the right cycling wear (except gloves which is supposed to come tomorrow) and the arm sleeves were protecting my arms from the scorching sun.

There were times I almost gave up but then something deep inside me (pride I guess) pushed me further.

By the time I reached back at my place, it was already past noon and I was dead tired.

I have actually spent a total of over 6 hours out cycling (including pit stops and rest time) and my total moving time was 4 hours 56 minutes at an average speed of 20km per hour.

It was definitely not fast enough but I knew at that point in time, this is going to be my limit.

I cannot go further than that.

And the whole afternoon, I just spent my time recuperating and my stiff neck kind of got worse.

But I know it will be fine, just takes time.

More importantly, I have achieved my personal goal and I am proud of myself, especially when I was cycling alone.

There was no one to pace, no one to encourage me to push on.

It was all in my mind.


Francis Lim

Categories: cycling, Photography, self-love


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