Here, Now and This Moment / 此地、此时、此刻

It took me 3 hours to complete this sketch.

I believe that one should always focus on whatever he does and by doing so will he be able to a good job. And this applies to all the things that we do. Only with the heart and being present in the moment then can we perform our best.

And l was so happy and proud of the outcome that l immediately sent it to a close friend and asked her to guess who is it.

Then I posted the sketch on Facebook and WeChat and asked the same question.

I was looking for approvals or recognition.


Once again, I chanced upon an inspirational movie on Youtube. And the 3 or rather 4 words that hit right onto me are “here”, “now” and “this moment”.

Dan Millman was competing in the qualifying round for Olympics in gymnastics. As he was about to complete

his final movement, a conversation arose in his mind:

“Where are you?”


“What time is it?”


“What are you?”

“This moment”

For me. I summarised or interpreted it as being present at that very moment, something that most spiritual books will teach.

Many a times, we are so concerned of the outcome that we forget what we really want to do or love to do. Or

perhaps we are doing something not because we love to do it, but more of getting attention from the others.

We want recognition, applause, agreement from the others, and so we only do things or behave the way that majority approves.

That’s what some call “living in the expectation of others.”

We will never be happy like this, for everytime we are not up to the others’ expectations, we suffer.

I have had this problem very often. l feel good when people clicked on “like”, be it my prose, my photos, or even just a simple sharing or personal quote.

And after I started drawing. l was hoping for praises for my sketches too.

Perhaps, I knew it all along but so what? Being aware and yet ignoring it is true ignorance.


After watching the movie. I realise that it was adapted from a book. I went to Kindle store to look for it and purchased it. I have started reading it and noticed slight difference in the book.

Right from the first chapter, Dan Millman was already asked:” where are you?” and then a series of “where” began to pop up, which eventually lead to “where is the universe?”

Dan did not know the answer and I guess nobody knows.

At least I know that I do not know.

Francis Lim

11 July 2021































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