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Reflections – the angel and the devil 反映——天使与魔鬼

When we seriously and sincerely look within ourselves, we will see 2 reflections. 当我们真正心诚地反映自己的时候,我们会看见两个对立的身影。 The angel who is ever so kind, loving and compassionate. 一个是充满慈悲与爱的天使。 And the devil who is ever so greedy, worried, fearful and egoistic. 一个是贪婪,惶恐,担忧与自我集于一身的魔鬼。 But what we fail to realise is, the angelic side of our reflections may be a disguise of the devil…… 然而,我们却没有看见,天使或许就是魔鬼的化身…… And […]

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Sea of Clouds 云海

The first and only time I saw the “sea of clouds” was in Taiwan and I was awed by the its beauty and serenity…… 第一次,也是唯一一次看见云海是在台湾二延平步道上,当时曾被那宁静祥和以及魅力四射的景色震撼得想要把时光留住……

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