Preface / 自序

Life is strange.

Last year, someone told me this and now I can’t agree more.

Life is truly strange that anything can happen anytime, anywhere and many a times, catch us off guard. In Buddhism, this is referred to as impermanence, or karma (cause and effect). It is no doubt that if we are to dwell deeper into the Buddhist teachings, we will realise it speaks nothing but the truth.

My life has been smooth most of my life, and very often I was feeling painful in life due to the unlimited wants that a sentient being hold within his heart. If only I could let go of all desires, I’d be happier.

The theories of Buddhism and many other spiritual guides are easy to comprehend but to practise them is always the biggest challenge one would face. At certain point in time, I co-relate this to our belief system, how much do we believe in these teachings, or are we just trying to believe and testing these teachings out?

It is said that our external world is a reflection of our inner thoughts and whatever we experience in reality are not real. Sounds absurd especially when we can see, smell, hear, touch and feel. How can that be not real?

The beating of the hearts, the piercing pain when we feel upset, the surroundings that we can see and touch, are so real that it is hard to believe they are just our imagination.

In the Diamond Sutra, Buddha said: “All that we experience are all not real. And if we can acknowledge that, we will find the Buddha within us.” I tried very hard and still trying very hard to convince myself this statement that Buddha made is real.

I have read in books that there is the “me” within me and that is my true self. This is taught in Buddhism and many books such as “The Untethered Soul”, “The Power of Now” etc. So then who am I? What is the purpose of me coming to this world? And where is my destiny?

In life, we need to expect the unexpected, and this sounds contradicting. If we are expecting the unexpected, then isn’t it expected? I had this interesting discussion with my daughter a few months back and we couldn’t come to an agreement. Her arguments weren’t totally wrong, and for me, I was just trying to teach my daughter a lesson, to embrace whatever that may come our way.

As I thought of this, I asked myself, do I have the right to teach her that, when I can’t even stand by my belief.

It is hard, definitely hard, and I keep telling myself that without hardship, without disappointments, without many many negative things and matters, we do not know what happiness is.

This is my new blog, Loving Oneself, something that I have been trying to learn for the past few years. I see success at times, and I do see failures too. It is not easy trying to understand what loving oneself truly means.

Finally, I am thankful that when my friend was at her worst situation, I was there for her, showering her with care and concern and helped her walk out of the valley.

Now she’s doing fine and loving herself, and I am thankful that I have been part of her life before.






纵观佛法以及灵性书籍,看似易懂,实则难行。 有时我会联想到这与我们的信念有关,究竟我们是否真的相信,还是带着半信半疑的心态去尝试?